• Joël Robuchon

    Initiator of the concept of L' Atelier, in 2003 he surrounded himself with a team of co-workers of outstanding requirement.

  • Eric Bouchenoire

    A true perfectionist, he was elected « Meilleur Ouvrier de France » in 2000. Eric is in Joel Robuchon's brigade since 1985, he is his closest co-worker. It is in tandem that he assists Joël Robuchon to implement the new creations.

  • Antoine Hernandez

    Sommelier by passion and fun person by nature, when Antoine came to Paris in 1984 Joël Robuchon gave him the position of head sommelier of his restaurant Jamin in Paris. He carefully oversees all the concealed treasures of the wine sellers in all of Joel Robuchon's restaurants, as well as Joel Robuchon's La Cave in Paris.

  • François Benot

    Fascinated by pastry and always in search for the last trends, he went across the Channel and across the Atlantic to find inspiration. In may 2004, Francois joins Joel Robuchon's team for the opening of La Table in Paris and quickly became the person in charge of the pastries. His style is so personal and avant gardist that it makes him a leader as a chef for a whole generation of young pastry chefs.

  • Juan Moll

    Juan Moll first met Joel Robuchon in the 90s as a client in his restaurant La Sort in Spain. Professional, passionate about service, always smiling, he joined Joël Robuchon’s team of companions in 2012, he has only one commitment: always give happiness to the client.

  • Philippe Braun

    His passion for gastronomy was given to him by his uncle Emile Jung of the restaurant Le Crocodile in Strasbourg. After a world tour, Philippe integrates in 1986 Joël Robuchon's brigade at Jamin in Paris, then in 1991 at Laurent always in Paris, where he gained 2 Michelin stars. In 2003, he opened L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon's Paris.

  • Guy Job

    Journalist and director, Guy Job begins his career on French and foreign TV directing many tv shows, documentaries and concerts.

    Producer and director of tv shows with Joël Robuchon «Cuisinez comme un grand chef, l’ABC de la cuisine», «Bon appétit bien-sûr», «Planète gourmande» and Gourmet TV

    Since 2002, Guy Job is Joël Robuchon’s partner for the international development of his restaurants. Founder of the Collège Culinaire de France, member of the Comité Colbert and recorder member of the tourism promotion council of the French ministry of foreign affairs.